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Stationary Material

How To Manage Stock In I-Genius School ERP Software

Stationary Material and Study Material in a school needs to manage all the stock items received from the supplier like stationery, book sets,…
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Gst Sale Invoice

GST Sales Invoice With Free PDF Email and Free PDF SMS Facility In Speed Plus

In this topic we will share with you how to do simple Gst Sale Invoice entry in business ERP Software. To do sale…
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Entry Family Receipt

Family Receipt Entry In I-Genius

I-Genius software handles fees Management system make Entry Family Receipt  so Intelligently and easily. As a result there are no long queues for…
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Additional Discount

Setup Additional Discounts Like Trade Discount, Cash Discount In Speed Plus

Companies send bills to distributors Additional Discount with schemes, trade discounts, cash discounts on each item. Using Business ERP you can manage these discounts…
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