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Sabji Mandi erp Software

Red Apple ERP Software For Sabzi Mandi

Sabji Mandi erp Software -   Firstly we Create Accounts.   Here we enter Account Name, Select Group. If Account is Customers then…
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Admission Entry

Admission Entry In I-Genius School ERP Software

I-Genius ERP Software is a fully Integrated School Admission Entry Software management introduced to simplify the Complexities faced in daily school operations. Within…
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Set critical stock level

In Speed Plus Recorder Level, Minimum Level and maximum level in item master

In this topic we will discuss how to Set critical stock level. It include reorder level, minimum level, maximum level. The meaning of…
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Additional fields

Utilization of Additional fields in Speed Plus Software

In this topic we will discuss the utilization of additional field of ERP software. Click additional fields in utilities menu. If we want…
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