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GST Ready ERP Software for Hotels and Restaurants with K.O.T. Management, Table Service, Check in, Check Out, Stock Management, Production. Booking Dashboard, Stay view, Police Station Report. Very Easy to operate.

KOT (Kitchen Order Token) Management made easy
Fast Items entry with using code or name
Check Visitor's Table No. and Enter KOT
In case visitor had made an order already, then enter next KOT.

In each Hotel, Room reservation is the number one step for visitor access. motel invites Reservations with the aid of phone, via agent, through email, website or direct client reservation. on the time of reserving, manually checking which room is vacant or which rooms are occupied on a specific date is a completely complex and time ingesting system. the usage of galaxy there may be no want to bear in mind or preserve any diaries of room reserving. galaxy suggests handiest vacant rooms listing very intelligently at the time of reservation.

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